Café Le Bidule, rue de la Huchette, Paris, 1957. By Willy Ronis.


Café Le Bidule, rue de la Huchette, Paris, 1957. By Willy Ronis.

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Peruvian nurse cares for 175 sick cats

At her job, Maria Torero cares for sick human beings. At home, she lavishes love on slowly dying cats — 175 of them at last count.

The 45-year-old nurse has turned her two-story, eight-room apartment into a hospice for cats with feline leukemia, scattering it with scores of feeding dishes and at least two dozen boxes litter boxes.

Some have suggested she shelter healthy cats instead. “That’s not my role,” she told The Associated Press. “I’m a nurse. My duty is to the cats that nobody cares about.” She said that “people don’t adopt adult cats, especially if they are terminally ill.”

Photos by AP Photo/Martin Mejia

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technically I’m supposed to be going back to school on tuesday but haha I don’t know for sure because there’s a teacher strike so haha I don’t know if I should be ready or not so I’m not at all prepared haha my life is a mess of uncertainty haha

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my friend Madi and I bought a disposable camera the other day and went to the park near her house for a photoshoot. I felt pretty damn good about myself that day. I know not all of these are the best pictures of me, but that’s part of the fun of disposable cameras - you don’t know how the pictures will turn out, you can’t go delete all the pictures of yourself you don’t find flattering. It’s exciting waiting to see what they look like. (I know the quality is not the best - they kinda look like they’re knitted into a sweater - but that’s just how they turned out after I scanned them)

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Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.



Update pakistan; 
1. They are stopping people from giving blood to protestors who are bleeding out
2. They are forcing doctors not to report number of deaths and injuries
3. They have hit people with real steel bullets instead of rubber one’s
4. They are sending severely injured people home without giving them proper treatment

CAN WE PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST THIS? Because literally nobody I’ve spoken to about this even knows wtf is happening.


tavi gevinson by petra collins for the ardorous 



James Dean photographed by Sanford Roth, 1955.

this is so precious!



There is an entire universe that exists solely in your mind that is impossible to completely share with another person. You are a god onto yourself as beautiful and cruel as you wish to be. That is the realest shit ever.